Stolar Horizon Team

Doctor of Science with 50 years experience inventing and productizing radio communications and radio geophysics communications and 30 years experience starting new companies

RadioPhysics Engineer with an MS in Radiophysics with 11 years experience as Chief Design Engineer and extensive experience in evolutionary development of software definable radios

Geophysicist with an MS in Geophysics and 20 years experience in Radio Imaging Surveys and developing a world-wide market and service organization

Geologist with a BS in Geology and 20 years experience in coal geology and production supervision and 15 years of business development and management

Operations Management with a BS in Computer Science and 25 years in technology process management, business development, and marketing

Marketing & Technical Documentation Manager with 20 years in coal mine operations and mine rescue operations and 17 years experience in marketing, technical illustration and documentation

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