Our Mission

Following the recent rash of underground coal mine accidents with victims, Congress passed the MINER Act of 2006. The Act mandates resulted in primary VHF band leaky-feeder and UHF band mesh communications and tracking (C&T) systems installations in 351 operational U.S. coal mines. The Act required the installation of a “life-line” in designated escape-ways along with refuge chambers and stocks of self-contained self-rescuer (SCSR) located near the operating face and along escape-ways. Reliable through-the-earth(TTE) signal transmission paths between trapped miners and the surface has been a long standing technology gap in emergency post-accident and rescue communications. Post-accident, the Nation’s conscious is always awaken when trapped mines are unable to communicate with the surface. In mine tragedies, the victims are miners, their families, government regulators and the mining industry.

Post-accident self-escape and rescue radio communications within underground mines and collapsed structures remains a technology gap for “line-of-site” VHF/UHF radios required to operate in confined spaces. This long standing technology gap in compromised infrastructure has been addressed with ULF/MF band technology.

Stolar Inc. strives to make mining safer. The driving force underlying this inspiration is the heartbreak that mining families silently endure as the result of injuries and deaths of heads of households. The consequences linger on through generations.